Spring Time Rug Cleaning at Kaoud Carpets


Spring time Cleaning is Here!

Spring time Rug Cleaning at Kaoud Carpets is Here!

Spring Time Rug Cleaning at Kaoud Carpets

When it comes to cleaning your area rugs, don’t settle for less and easily improve the appearance of your area rugs.  It is important to take your area rug to an area rug cleaning professional when considering having them cleaned. You will be surprised to discover how quickly and easily dust and dirt from everyday living can settle into the foundation of your area rugs over time. Everyday foot traffic along with the seasonal months will begin to show wear on your area rugs.

During Spring Time Rug Cleaning at Kaoud Carpets you can be sure that we will take extra special care and consideration when we clean your area rugs.  Each rug is skillfully cleaned by hand and not by machine, using natural cleaning solvents. Proper rug cleaning is vital to ensure that your area rugs will maintain their beauty for years and years to come.


Cleaning your area rug can be a daunting task.

There are several steps that need to be taken in order to guarantee proper cleaning of your area rugs. Spring Time Rug Cleaning at Kaoud Carpets will help make your area rugs look new again.

Karndean Design Flooring now at Kaoud Carpets of Wilton!


Karndean’s spectacular flooring can enhance any room – from the natural look and feel of the products, through to the added practical benefits.

Wooden effect planks that are quiet underfoot, elegant antique ceramic tiles that never crack and intricate mosaic designs that always feel warm.

Both affordable and versatile, there is a huge spectrum of colors, sizes and patterns to choose from, which will ensure that you will find that unique floor perfect for your home.  As the leading specialist in design flooring, you will see that we are as passionate about texture, appearance and quality as the craftsmen that inspired these innovative designs.

Here at Kaoud’s we are so excited to be chosen to feature and represent these top in class Luxury Vinyl Tile designs and look forward to help design that perfect floor for you!

Congrats to Wool & Silk and our great friend Erbil!

Erbil has won another award for the breath taking recreation of some gorgeous modern and contemporary designs in our Wool & Silk Collection!

Kaoud is so proud to have met this incredibly talented visionary of color and design layout. Kaoud looks forward to seeing whats in store for us with new modern and transitional patterns and truly original works of art!

Wool & Silk Award

Wool & Silk Award

Make certain rugs are priced!

Make certain rugs are priced!

Kaoud Carpets Rugs Price TagWhen shopping for oriental area rugs make sure that the rug dealer you visit has them clearly marked and tagged with relevant info and pricing. Often times retailers choose not to mark their oriental rugs with hopes to “size up” the customer before a price is given.  If you encounter this tactic we suggest shopping around prior to buying from a reputable rug dealer who has all their rugs marked.

One of our clients had shared an experience they encountered from another rug dealer in the area. She walked in after fitness class and saw a red rug hanging on the wall. She asked about it and the salesman told her it was to be priced at $3000.00. She mentioned she would have to send in her husband to view it at some point in time. When the husband did come in after work one day, dressed up in a three piece suit, he saw the rug hanging and was told it was $5500.00. The husband was floored as his wife was previously told it would be priced at $3000.00

Kaoud Carpets & Rugs has always marked their area rugs with country of origin, size, and pricing. We have been doing that for over 60 years since being established in 1954. Kaoud has oriental rugs marked with a suggested retail price and conduct sales throughout the year. This way the customer has clear knowledge of the rugs value prior to looking from rug to rug within the store and can make an educated decision for their home.

American Hooked Area Rug Repair

American Hooked Area Rug Repair

This American Hooked area rug repair presented our expert area rug repair department with quite a difficult task.  Our client had these two American Hooked Area Rugs in their kitchen.  While they loved how the two area rugs looked in their kitchen, they wanted the two area rugs to become one.  Two American Hooked Area Rugs that were the same exact size in measurement needed to be skillfully joined together in order to produce one larger rug.  This particular American Hooked Area Rug was to be placed in the master bedroom of our client’s home.  These American Hooked area rugs are created with both cotton and jute materials.  Their color palette includes vegetable dyed colors of corals, browns, reds, golds and blues to name a few. This American Hooked Area Rug Repair took our area rug repair department a total of 2 weeks to complete. The repair itself was completed by hand.  Take a look at the before and after photos.  We think our repair department did a fantastic job. Customer satisfaction  is our main goal.  The client was more than pleased!



In order to successfully complete an area rug repair job such as this one presented, our area rug repair department needed to be confident that their expertise in adjoining both area rugs will lead to a complete design and pattern match.


Rug Pads

Rug Pads

Any Hand Made or Machine Made rug needs a good dense Jute Pad. ​ We offer the latest in consumer friendly padding for all sizes and applications.

There are many types of pads for each and every application. Come in and let us help you choose the right pad for your area rug or carpet.

Hand Washing Area Rugs

Cleaning handmade or machine made area rugs is a laborious task but is crucial to the care and maintenance of any rug. When done properly the rug will last longer and look better for years to follow. Just because an area rug or carpet looks clean from the surface, most likely dust particles, dander, dirt, etc resides in the pile or foundation of the rug that has built up or accumulated over time where it is trapped. These foreign contaminants need to be removed correctly by a good thorough hand washing.

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