Antibes 2251_0001_LG1 Baxter 6721_0001 Sage_Ivory_LG Buckeye PT19_0004 LG1 Calabria 0003BIG4Where can I find Broadloom and wall to wall carpeting?

Kaoud Broadloom department is your destination for all types of fashionable broadloom and carpets.

Broadloom is defined as a carpet woven on a wide loom. Historically, carpets were hand woven on looms, and so a broad loom was literally a loom that was wider than the average loom size, and used to make a large carpet.

Today, the term broadloom generally refers to tufted carpet sold on rolls that are usually 12’ or 15’ wide. This type of carpet is most often installed as a wall-to-wall floor covering, but can also be cut smaller and bound or serged along the edges to make area rugs or runners.

For a large selection of broadloom and wall to wall carpeting please visit us in Wilton, CT. You will find all types of wool, nylon, and blends in many different textures and patterns. Browse Kaoud Carpets & Rugs Broadloom and area rug collection here.

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