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Whats the difference between Handmade and Machine Made rugs?

If you look at the back of the rug and see the pattern design show through clearly, then the rug is handmade. If however when you look at the back and see lines or the pattern is distorted, then it is Machine made.

How do I know a quality handmade rug?

A quality rug should possess the following attributes: good wool, tight weave, vivid colors and good design layout. Often people only look at the weave or “knots per square inch” and ignore the materials used. This is wrong since the quality of the wool or silk is just as important, if not more, than the weave.

What is a good rule of thumb when looking at different rugs and their quality?

First of all, feel the wool. The softer it is, the finer it is. Kaoud Carpets & Rugs are mostly woven using 100% New Zealand wool which is considered some of the finest wool available. Secondly, feel the density of the pile. The harder it is to separate the wool, the better your rug will look over time as it will resist wear and matting. The rug must also be attractive and the colors should flow together peacefully.

How does Kaoud Carpets & Rugs insure consistent quality in their rugs?

Isam Kaoud is our buyer and he monitors our overseas looms. Kaoud Carpets & Rugs has looms set-up overseas and our weavers know what materials we desire. They also know that if they “cheat” at all, we will reject the rug and they will have to weave another one.  Our weavers have been providing our family and yours with top quality area rugs for over 60 years.

What is the story with going out of business and liquidation sales?

You get what you pay for! These so called sales are a way for people to sell rugs that have been rejected by dealers like Kaoud. Most of the rugs have a problem and their value is considerably less than if they were without the problem. Beware of these going out of business sales and auctions since what you buy cannot be returned if you discover something wrong with it. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is! One very important thing to know about these sales is that often people will try to sell a rug based on it being silk when it actually is not. Also, always buy from a reputable dealer who has all area rugs marked with prices.

Which country makes the best rugs?

If this question was asked twenty years ago, the answer would be Iran.  Since then though, India , Pakistan , China and Turkey have far exceeded quality standards and are now making exceptional qualities after learning the trade from Persian weavers. It is not dependent on the country, but rather on each individual rug. Each country makes various levels of quality workmanship.

What about all the huge discounts advertised for 60%, 70% and 80% off?

Common sense always tells us that regardless of the item in question, if the retailer can always discount it 70% or more, then something is wrong with the tag price. Kaoud Carpets & Rugs has all their rugs clearly marked with prices and holds four large sales a year where we discount up to 60% on either discontinued items or overstocks. Throughout the year, we price realistically and discount realistically. The bottom line is what counts and the wise consumer should not be attracted to “inflated” discounts all year long or drastic discounts of ticketed pricing.

In summary, where is the best place to buy a handmade rug?

Of course, we consider Kaoud to be one of the better places, but there are other retailers who should be considered in your search. It is best to make sure the retailer is established, reputable and not one that makes a habit out of changing names or holding “liquidation” sales. Ask people in your area and perhaps the local chamber of commerce. And most importantly, make sure the retailer you deal with has all their rugs marked with relevant information about the rug and prices.

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