How long do oriental rugs last?

We are asked this question quite often. With proper vacuuming and hand washing by a professional oriental rug dealer such as Kaoud Carpets & Rugs, your hand knotted are rug will last a lifetime – it is important to note that maintenance is recommended to keep the rug in the best shape possible.


We recommend rotating the rug in the room to obtain an even wear pattern and light penetration. You would be surprised how a simple rug rotation can help minimize pile wear in certain traffic patterns of the room and also disrupt any light saturation that may be focused on a particular area.

Rug Pad

Another way to insure longer life with your handmade area rug is to install a Jute Pad. Each time you step on your area rug you are applying weighted pressure to the back of the rug knots. A good quality underlay pad will minimize friction and absorb impact that the rug would receive from daily use. Kaoud Carpets & Rugs stock superior rug pads that can protect and help keep your rug looking good for many years to follow.

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