What if my pet damages my oriental rug?

  • When you have a pet that makes a mess on your rug you should blot up any liquid with a terry cloth towel by applying pressure directly downward and not side to side. Don’t rub!  The idea here is to transfer the stain from the rug to the towel without spreading it. Once this is done call us and we will most likely advise a pickup for service by either treating the stain directly or more than likely soaking the rug depending on severity. You can simply click here to schedule a cleaning pickup as well!

What if my pet damages my oriental rug by chewing it?

  • When your animal chews the rug don’t panic! Save any loose pieces from the rug and call us to schedule a pickup to give an estimate for repair. If you prefer to schedule the pickup online you can do so here.

Here at Kaoud’s we are highly skilled to deal with these types of issues and treat your carpets with the utmost extreme care. We only recommend whats right for the rug and for your family.



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