What is the best way to clean a handmade oriental rug?


Any type of suction vacuum is fine to use on a handmade rug and you may vacuum as often as you like. We prefer vacuums with an adjustable head set to high so as not to “dig” too aggressively into the wool pile. One caution is to be careful around the fringe of the rug since it tends to get stuck in vacuums causing them to prematurely wear down. To maintain a long lifespan of the fringe, try not to roll the vacuum over it but rather vacuum side to side.

 Spot Cleaning

Good wool handmade rugs are known for their ease of cleaning. For most stains, a mild liquid detergent and water solution along with a scrub brush are sufficient enough to solve the problem. Add a little detergent to the water and swirl around for suds. Rub the suds on the area with a brush and let dry. Vacuum the excess dry soap. For more stubborn stains such as juice, wine, coffee and tea: blot the area with club soda before adding the soap and water solution. Blot never rub!

Overall Cleaning

Your rugs should be cleaned by a professional, preferably a rug dealer. The best cleaning is one in which the rug is first turned over and beat. There is quite a bit of dirt that settles in the foundation of a rug and beating is the way to remove the dirt. Most people overlook this crucial step because it can take hours or days to complete. Once beat, the rug can then be cleaned with soap and water. This type of cleaning should occur every three to five years, depending on the use of the room. Kaoud cleans rugs by hand with an environmentally safe solution.

 Silk Rugs

Silk rugs should be vacuumed as wool rugs and cleaned with water and ammonia. A soap mixture is harmful to a silk rug since it dries the silk.


 Rotate Your Rug

Whenever possible, it is best to rotate your rug about once a year so that whatever wear occurs will occur as evenly as possible and light penetration can disperse evenly onto the dyes of the rug.

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