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Overall Rug Cleaning

Your rugs should be cleaned by a professional rug dealer like Kaoud’s. The best cleaning is one in which the rug is first turned over and beat. There is quite a bit of dirt & foreign debris that settles into the foundation of a rug and beating is the way to remove the dirt. We incorporate commercial strength beaters for the most effective results. Most people overlook this crucial step because it can take hours or days to complete. Once done, the rug can then be cleaned with soap and water. This type of cleaning should occur every three to five years, depending on the use of the room. Kaoud cleans rugs by hand with an environmentally safe solution.

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Can I repair my handmade oriental rug?

Whether it is a corner chewed off by your puppy or a spark from your fireplace burning a hole in your rug, we can repair the rug to its original condition. Kaoud employs a master weaver who can handle all aspects of rug repair. It can also be as little as some loose binding or some fringe missing from the ends of the rug. We can help with any and all restoration issues!

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What if my pet damages my oriental rug?

What if my pet damages my oriental rug?

When you have a pet that makes a mess on your rug you should blot up any liquid with a terry cloth towel by applying pressure directly downward and not side to side. Don’t rub! The idea here is to transfer the stain from the rug to the towel without spreading it. Once this is done call us and we will most likely advise a pickup for service by either treating the stain directly or more than likely soaking the rug depending on severity.

What if my pet damages my oriental rug by chewing it?

When your animal chews the rug don’t panic! Save any loose pieces from the rug and call us to schedule a pickup to give an estimate for repair.

Here at Kaoud’s we are highly skilled to deal with these types of issues and treat your carpets with the utmost extreme care. We only recommend whats right for the rug and for your family.

How do I maintain my oriental rug?

Kaoud recommends vacuuming your fine carpet with an adjustable head vacuum cleaner being sure to stay clear of the edges and fringe so as not to damage the ends. It is important not to use a vacuum head that “digs” into the wool pile or is too aggressive as this will pull out wool over time. The idea is to do regular vacuuming to get the top layer of dirt away until you call us for heavy dusting and hand washing.

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