American Hooked Area Rug Repair

American Hooked Area Rug Repair

This American Hooked area rug repair presented our expert area rug repair department with quite a difficult task.  Our client had these two American Hooked Area Rugs in their kitchen.  While they loved how the two area rugs looked in their kitchen, they wanted the two area rugs to become one.  Two American Hooked Area Rugs that were the same exact size in measurement needed to be skillfully joined together in order to produce one larger rug.  This particular American Hooked Area Rug was to be placed in the master bedroom of our client’s home.  These American Hooked area rugs are created with both cotton and jute materials.  Their color palette includes vegetable dyed colors of corals, browns, reds, golds and blues to name a few. This American Hooked Area Rug Repair took our area rug repair department a total of 2 weeks to complete. The repair itself was completed by hand.  Take a look at the before and after photos.  We think our repair department did a fantastic job. Customer satisfaction  is our main goal.  The client was more than pleased!



In order to successfully complete an area rug repair job such as this one presented, our area rug repair department needed to be confident that their expertise in adjoining both area rugs will lead to a complete design and pattern match.


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