Make certain rugs are priced!

Make certain rugs are priced!

Kaoud Carpets Rugs Price TagWhen shopping for oriental area rugs make sure that the rug dealer you visit has them clearly marked and tagged with relevant info and pricing. Often times retailers choose not to mark their oriental rugs with hopes to “size up” the customer before a price is given.  If you encounter this tactic we suggest shopping around prior to buying from a reputable rug dealer who has all their rugs marked.

One of our clients had shared an experience they encountered from another rug dealer in the area. She walked in after fitness class and saw a red rug hanging on the wall. She asked about it and the salesman told her it was to be priced at $3000.00. She mentioned she would have to send in her husband to view it at some point in time. When the husband did come in after work one day, dressed up in a three piece suit, he saw the rug hanging and was told it was $5500.00. The husband was floored as his wife was previously told it would be priced at $3000.00

Kaoud Carpets & Rugs has always marked their area rugs with country of origin, size, and pricing. We have been doing that for over 60 years since being established in 1954. Kaoud has oriental rugs marked with a suggested retail price and conduct sales throughout the year. This way the customer has clear knowledge of the rugs value prior to looking from rug to rug within the store and can make an educated decision for their home.

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